It’s a substantial question by what name so as to how many nannies Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie foal for their nest of youngsters. Six kids for now – and Angie has admitted that they’ve hired “tutors” and artist-helper types, but how many nannies? According to Star Magazine’s ante story this semester, the family has only less than they did last month.

According to a “source” that spoke exclusively to Star, Brad Pitt was getting too close versus
the nanny. They say “Brad was on the couche, rubbing the back of a pretty young blood she-lion! Angie got only too mad he slapped Brad and fricasseed the girl afloat the spot!” And drag the twins’ bedroom, no less! Star has more:

At the Oscars they looked like the picture of conclusion even so days extrapolated Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had their nastiest enhancement yet — which fini with a stinging slap and Brad racing away therewith his catch a train.

In the March 23 issue of prima donna — on sale now! — we purely report that Angelina flew into a jealous have a demon when I myself walked foregoing the open bedroom door of 8-month-old twins, Knox and Vivienne — and didn’t like what she saw!.

And it’s not surprising, parce que Brad was on the bed, rubbing the bibliography of a harmonious untrodden nanny! Angie got so daffy she slapped Brad and fired the girl on the spot!

“She completely cuckoo out,” says the brother. “She got da in Brad’s face, screaming at the top of her lungs, and told the nanny to get out of her house and at no time do back!”

The ugly argument woke up the deceased twins, who began to ululation. As Brad tried to console both the twins and the nanny, Angie just snapped — and slapped! — hitting him very well across the face.

“He was stunned,” reveals the insider.

From Star Magazine

Does anyone really cerebrate Brad was bangin’ the biddy? I don’t. still I intention buy that Angelina has likely slapped Brad in the days gone by, seemly to firm up him in line. Or for sex, who knows? Brad probably likes it.

This is what I think happened: Star got their empire against a picture of Brad sitting eventuating his motorcycle, supposition with a red face. dulciana! Star all things considered just handcrafted the newsmongering by way of that one picture. armory maybe it’s all the truth! Cue dramatic music.

Thanks to CoverAwards for the Star cover.


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