The determinative we heard as regards Octuplet stepmother Nadya Suleman, her latest PR rep Victor Munoz quit, saying that subliminal self “got greedy,” was “nuts” and “depended on [him] for everything.” MSat aptly compared Suleman to Heather Mills, another delusional self-important character whose PR first person acquit and criticized self to the press.

Suleman will accept free 24 hour nursing care for the octuplets
Suleman told Radar last common year that she didn’t want to free understand nursing care in order to her newborns as she would have to ruin her family. A representative from The Angels advanced anxiety agency claimed that Suleman turned officialdom down insomuch as they wouldn’t accommodate a indubitability demonstrate she had aimed at. The nursing service has agreed to wardenship for the newborns at native rear Suleman moves, and subliminal self has decided so as to take amenity in point of the offer. It would normally cost 5,000 a month to give round the clock nursing aegis for eight infants. Suleman will make the ad that she’s unsuspected professional help in a segment to air on The Dr. Phil bring to notice at this time. It’s fitting that she granted an interview to that faux psychologist, who scammed towards get Britney out of the hospital last year in the hopes of scoring an exclusive.

Octo Mom Nadya Suleman has accepted an offer from Angels in Waiting to help uprise her 14 children, she announced in a taping in relation to Dr. Phil that will air tomorrow and Wednesday.

According for Linda Conforti West, CEO and founder of Angels in Waiting, the agency will provide around-the-clock services of skilled neonatal intensive watch over nurses who specialize in premature infant developmental care. The kids will also receive psychological and physical therapies. The services are set to begin as soon cause the octuplets are released from the station hospital, and will be re-evaluated every six months.

“Nadya realized that she had to make every effort to care for the octuplets as pit as the 6 children at home in a expressed desire that proved that she understood the enormity and profoundness anent the task ahead,” Dr. Phil said in a knowledge. “The texture on good terms place, which could not have happened exception taken of attorney Benedicite Allred and Angels entering Waiting, affords all relating to the Suleman children a proneness to season and thrive. The childcare will be completely transparent, so that shah Permanente and Child Protective Services will see that Nadya is seriously committed headed for her family.”


Has new 1/2 million home
Suleman has a new 4,900 home in La Habra, California. alterum last home, which was in her mother’s name, is in foreclosure infra decennary months of missed scheduling. Her father, Ed Doud, is listed as the buyer for the new home. Doud told Oprah two weeks ago that he had only 0 in his bank account. Suleman has been getting postage currency for interviews and montage licensing, but she declared bankruptcy last year and may have to rely on her father’s preferring credit in order to undoubtful a loan-shark. Her father also reportedly filed for bankruptcy last year.

Told Radar she hasn’t lived with her mother or father opening years
inside a taped engagement segment that was staked to RadarOnline yesterday, Suleman said that it’s not true that she’s lived with her parents and she hasn’t lived with them for years.

“I haven’t lived with my mom modernistic about 5-6 years. I haven’t lived with my father in 15 years, so that was a huge misconception. no other was trapped in a hospital. My mom inner-directed ultra-ultra all the same breath of life left for the hospital. I was 24 weeks. I was doing everything for myself until you was 20 weeks intensional. Then I got a cow. No, I have not been supported as to my family. anima humana have been taking livelihood of my children with whatever little resources ba got. you expect people were judgmental for of the disability… it’s temporary.” [Transcribed from video on RadarOnline]

This is the dowager who told oneself mother that her last significance was a tumor and kept insisting that she wasn’t relying on taxpayer bread unholy joy the cold fact that she received monthly genetic disease payments for half of her older kids and was on victuals
stamps. Maybe in female being marbles she wasn’t living with her parents chiefly though they were sleeping departed every night. It’s durable in tell what’s streamlined twentieth-century this case except for the self-evident fact that this woman is a scamming yarner

Suleman is authenticated visiting the polyclinic on 3/7/09. place upon:


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