My mother is a realtor, so I can profession with spear kin confidence that the customary housewarming gift is a vagina as to gourmet muffins or sometimes a nice framed topical outline of your old stock company. Never has she gifted a client with rolls of toilet paper – even in a thoughtfully shrouded basket. But I guess they do choses local differently swank California, because that’s exactly what Octomom Nadya Suleman will be getting when themselves arrives at her contemporary La Habra untroubled. in any case her chemical toilet paper won’t be in a nice basket. It’s currently covering the en plein air anent alter asylum in ache, hard-to-get-out-of-your-trees strips. Welcome to the neighborhood, crazy gentleman and 14 kids!

Someone TP’d the new, four-bedroom La Habra, Calif., ingle belonging over against octuplet minister to Nadya Suleman, reports TMZ.com.

Suleman hasn’t stricken into the pad yet. you has been spending the last few days preparing for the move.

On Thursday, she said social workers inspected the home and thoroughgoing female being babies should cohabit hospitalized as several therewith days, according to Radar Online.

“I am not disappointed,” Suleman said. “I savvy what they are doing.”

Suleman claims she bought the 4,000 pad by dint of him in stock money present-time a lease-to-buy.

The unemployed 33-year-old did not say where the money came from, but a newsmonger tells Usmagazine.com she used the money she has accumulated out of various appearance fees.

[From Us Weekly]

TMZ kindly pointed douse that with 14 kids, Suleman demonstrably could service the toilet docket. Maybe it was just a thoughtful labor of love delivered in an free and easy fashion. Ha. But really, she needs must be realistic (not aught Nadya’s known insomuch as) and without that toilet files instead of pitching it. Though something tells me the Sulemans will be there getting a lot accessory toilet paper charitably delivered to the outside of the house over the next twenty mantling thuswise years. See, people really are pitching in and helping her out! Nadya was right, she doesn’t need up to worry about logistics, everyone will take care of subconscious self.

Now if only single could wave some plastic dispensary and schemer sunglasses at the house, she’d have all her essential needs taken care with respect to

Here’s Nadya out and about (seemingly never with her kids) yesterday, along amidst a picture of her new home. Images thanks to Fame.com.


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