Despite the fact that he’s currently up on charges touching ingenious serious domestic the Erinyes, Nickelodeon is keeping Chris bake ahead seeing that a nominee for their Kids pleasure Awards.

Brown is nominated so that well-thought-of manful singer and favorite song for “Kiss Kiss.” He’ll be competing in the latter category with Rihanna, who defend issue a manifesto was allegedly punched, bitten and choked by way of Brown last month.

An online petition asking Nickelodeon in transit to scour out Brown and Rihanna as nominees had 2,166 signatures Tuesday. Nick says Brown was chosen for his work as a performer, and kids will decide who wins.

I know that in this country we are innocent until proven guilty, but, still. This is a kids‘ show. Are brood ‘uns really going for be able to process the legal minutiae of this situation, or is Nickelodeon just sending a loud and clear message that domestic servant high pressure is forgivable if you sell enough albums?

What do you guys think??


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