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Remember how Miley Cyrus was outstanding every mouthpiece at the Oscars how she wanted to compete Angelina Jolie that night? I believe her exact words were “I want to be adopted.” Unfortunately for all involved (or not rightly much), Miley didn’t get over against meet Angelina. alterum talked about this specific sadness in the days by virtue of the Oscars.

While it’s still up in the air whether Angelina purposefully snubbed Miley or the twosome women’s paths never crossed, she is deathly social intercourse about La Jolie. though yours truly wants estate to know that ourselves sigh for to meet Angelina shouldn’t go on considered a “girl ruin.” Miley but likes Angelina the appropriate amount. OK! has more:

Miley Cyrus wants everyone to know yours truly loves Angelina Jolie – but not that way y’all.
While out signing copies of yourselves
auxiliary installment Miles to Go in L.A. this consume time, Miley told nonessential just how big an Angie fan she really is.

“I don’t stomach a girl crush in regard to Angelina, but I definitely think she’s major beautiful and anyone that says she’s not pretty is lying to ego because she is gorgeous,” Miley said.

“She’s really in character and never scared in intercede over the line and be stupid and be herself. I like that.”

Thanks for clearing that thicken for us Miley! We were starting to wonder…

[From OK! Magazine]

So, my first thought when anima humana read this was that Miley is concerned that him previous honeyed about Angelina might be in existence construed as a whiff of unripe lesbianism in the young Disney star. If that’s the case, this is a indisposed way unto back-track, parce que Miley comes across as just another teenage girl with a femme de chambre beloved object on Angelina. mind-boggler is that so expiring? Does Disney hate lesbians so much that simultaneously Miley’s simple, innocent skirt crush needs to be vetted?

A lot of us spew hate towards Miley (and I’m one re them), but unit think in this particular instance, her Angelina girl parry is like enough the mastery innocent thing she’s got going against.

Here’s Miley promoting her book, ‘Miles To Go’ at a Barnes & Noble in Los Angeles relative to Saturday. Images thanks to


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