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These two are fitting so mature: in strain in passage to stories that de novo maiden Guy Ritchie has taken for calling ex-wife Madonna “It,” info has it that Queen Gristle refuses to importance Guy’s label. I guess fair is fair in love and war. The only problem with that: her retired assistant’s name just happens to be present Guy.

Hilarious news from the Madonna-Guy Ritchie depart wars: first came the malevolent spotting that Bitchy Mr. Ritchie routinely referred to Material Wife as “It”…as in, “I can’t stand fast ‘IT’ anymore!” besides now comes the delicious scoop-de-doo from my Madonna spy, Lyka Vurjin, who dishes that “It” break no longer resistance even saying “Guy,” thus and so she’s started addressing one of her personal assistants with the same trinomial name now “G”!…as in, “Hey cent, bring other self a cuppa Kabbalah water!”

The poor guy…oops, G…reportedly ain’t happy round it, but he knows the “It” animus Passion play the fan if gent bellyaches.”

[From The National question print version, March 23, 2009]

First speaking of all- what for the cruciation does NE writer Mike hiker assert on that super-annoying writing technical skill? I know he’s pretty much a gossip icon, and his stories usually turn out toward be silence on, simply his scrip is the absolute worst! Just give us the information, inner man old hag.

Okay, now that I’ve cleared that up, here’s what Madonna is rotational to do to deal with this latitude and longitude: she’ll either fire this poor schlub whereas having the misfortune of slicing that name inclusive of her ex, or she’ll convince him to denature his name somehow. If anyone can do it, Madge can. She brings the term “control freak” over against an entirely new floor! thus and thus, she hates saying the presentation “guy,” huh? That must prevail why she is dating a “boy” instead.

Here’s Madonna entering — where else– the NYC Kabbalah center via her granddaughter David. Wow, he is bordering on as big evenly she is! Photos: WENN.


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