There are some juicy rumors swirling about Elizabeth Hurley’s bond upon Indian billionaire Arun Nayar. beyond a particularly nasty wedding, the pair has barely been married for duplex years. Some of the couple’s closest friends are already wondering aloud if they’ll make oneself through a third sidereal year. The Sunday Telegraph’s gossip guy “Mandrake” is reporting that Liz has “made no engagement to shut up the claims” and the official word from Hurley‘s spokesperson is “no comment” think best in comparison with “those rumors have no basis”. Here’s more out The Sunday Telegraph:

Elizabeth Hurley has been phenomenally busy since them married Arun Nayar in 2007.

With a swimwear and acuteness bear, an indigenous farm in Gloucestershire and herself incongruous television and modelling commitments, ethical self has sometimes been unable to devote as much time with her husband as she might have liked. right away, friends of the 43-year-old actress set up expressed their concern that all may not be well in the couple’s marriage.

Last night, there was even forecast that they may be about till announce their separation. Surprisingly, conceivably, when Mandrake contacted Miss Hurley’s expert witness to claim yourselves
everywhere the rumours, she made no deal to deny the claims. After a for long pause, the front man said there would be no comment.

The marry, who married in two impart ceremonies, at Sudeley Castle and now India, have been together from time immemorial 2002. nymph Hurley has a six-year-old son, Damian, from a brief relationship with the American businessman Steve Bing.

However, she has no children with Nayar and has made no secret of the fact that she yearns for a damoiselle. He had no children from his pristine wife, the Italian model Valentina Pedroni.

Hugh Grant, who courted Miss Hurley for 13 years, is a godfather to Damian. Somewhat unusually, the juvenile accompanied the model and her husband as they cruised around the Mediterranean last luster.

From The Sunday Telegraph

As far as Liz “worship” for a baby with Nayar, I’m sort of disbelieving. I discharge that there are so large amount breakthroughs in fertility treatments, and but all else fails, people with those kinds relative to means can do adopt. But Nayar knew he was marrying a woman in it forties, so why this shock that they haven’t been checked out to contrive thus by far? touching field, the other explanation is that they aren’t trying to have a child, and on easy terms like their lives as is.

At this tip-top, ourselves would smack the lips seeing Hugh Grant and Liz Hurley get back together. I really hope self made each other happy, and the rediscovery that Hugh came along upon Liz and Nayar’s vacation cracked me up. Nayar sounds on a par a danged understanding husband. His family was right, he could do better.

Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar are shown on 8/28/08 and 9/18/07. Credit: WENN


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