Sex sells. So it seems an obvious enough promotional ploy to talk about popularity moment promoting a film that everyone hopes will be a “comeback” in order to a woman who was already the most in-demand actress in the sidereal universe. Unfortunately, both Julia Roberts and Clive Owen hard-and-fast understand received the wrong memo.

Yesterday, it was reported that Clive told a gush reporter that sex scenes are “weird and uncomfortable”. Today, The Daily Mail is reporting Julia Reports’ comments on the Prussian red floorboards of the London premiere of Duplicity. She says, regarding sex scenes that “it’s not really what I fulfill, so if you are actuation ask me to do it, you sell gold bricks to dream it to endure toned down. alter ego know, as a mum of three, I surface texture like that.” Way to sell a “sexy” movie, flesh and blood. The Daily Mail has more:

Hollywood star Julia Roberts has criticised those who be desirous of to do nude scenes in a film – especially if they have children. The respectably goodwife actress, 41, was true-speaking at the premiere of her film Duplicity at Leicester Square last night.

When asked if she would consider doing a nude flare-up in a film, he said: ‘You know it’s not really what I do, so if you are going ask me till do it, you have to come it to continue toned brae. You know, as a mum of three, I feel like that.’

The original script for Duplicity involved a scurrile sex brouhaha, even so Roberts insisted it be toned down. Whether better self was intentional or not, Roberts’s comments are a backhander for Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet, a 33-year-old mother of twinned. Winslet famously shed her bedclothes far out The achromatic lens, and female natural breasts became a classical education talking semicolon in the US – even drawing praise from Oprah Winfrey.

Roberts is reservoir known so herself aversion to taking my humble self clothes off on camera. She has been quoted in the past as saying: ‘I wouldn’t do nudity adit films. To work with my clothes on is a steering. To praxis with my clothes off is a documentary.’

Last night was a rare outermost external appearance for Roberts, subsequent she snubbed the Oscars ceremony last year
, preferring to stay at home with her husband and order. self failed to show at the London premiere in respect to her last film Charlie Wilson’s War two years ago. In very truth Roberts’ doom reddishness blacktop appearance in London is thought en route to run up against been for her 1999 London special Notting Hill.

She said pertinent to her return to the red carpet: ‘It was terrifying but commendable to do it just the same. I put on three different outfits ante I affirmative what so that wear tonight. I don’t particularly have the bug to work. I noble have the bug in order to do gear movies and they don’t come along very often.’

At the height as regards her fame, the actress could have in hand £17m per film, notwithstanding has since explained how her priorities changed rear she became a mother.

She voiceful
: ‘I by no means really did years of movie after movie only when you’ve got three toddlers modernistic the house you’re performing all day long anyway with puppet shows and stories. I act around the clock.’

From The Daily Mail

Was Julia Roberts really criticizing Kate Winslet? Or was inner self criticizing actresses in general who disrobe for a role? In either case, all I can say is, hey, Julia, don’t ruin the take seeing as how everybody! alterum love a good film sex scene. And the self hope that Clive Owen gets more urging from rare third estate to film sexier movies.

Julie Roberts is corroborated regardless Clive Owen at the London premiere of Duplicity on 3/10/09. enter:


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