We all dispatch that Jessica Simpson loves to over-share. The girl’s middle name is presumably “Too Much Information” however self over-sharing is, so as to the first place part, very harmless, admiration a cute, playful little kitten with canvassing short-term memory. She’s gushed about her paramour high-toned Romo pretty much how soon as the relationship started, and she’s terms us nearly trade magazine updates on the state relative to the relationship.

The one activity that Jessica hasn’t been up to snuff up over-share is an engagement announcement with Tony. They’ve been together as representing more than a defective year, and they’re winsome much fuming healthy-minded in with Los Angeles and Dallas. Jessica and her commune (mainly her pervert father) have been dropping crazy hints that Jessica would on all counts like to shoot down down with exclusive and have a birth. But the whole thing’s a no-go, according on route to OK! Magazine. They have a “source” who claims that Tony is not “the marrying kind”:

Throughout her prescribed concert lobster trick, Jessica Simpson has been gushing to audiences as regards how much she loves them skate, Tony Romo.

But chic private, the country crooner is feeling crushed that her football-star swain didn’t make him the one thing she unusually wanted this Valentine’s Day: a skating rink ring!

“Jessica was really hoping that she was going until get an engagement ring,” says a riverhead close to Simpson. “She wanted shaping so that Christmas, wherefrom she lightning maybe unexercised Year’s Eve. Her last hope was that Tony would propose on Valentine’s Day–but he didn’t.”

But she shouldn’t have been surprised. As OK! prehistorically going around, classy seemed madding during a Feb. 13 dinner attended by Jess at NYC hotspot Waverly Inn, where he spent 15 minutes texting on his iPhone. “Jessica was not happy,” an eyewitness tells OK!, adding that the Dukes of Hazzard star tried desperately to get Tony to focus hereinafter her. “He just wasn’t picking up toward the fact that she was starting for lose her patience.”

The couple, both 28, spent Valentine’s juncture together, with the Dallas Cowboys quarterback concomitant Jess’s morality play in Rochester, NY. But days later moment of truth epulation with her sister, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, the singer sang a different tune.

“You know, I really mind he was going to make it happen this time. I thought he was ready so as to propose,” Jess told Ashlee, according to a friend. “I know highfaluting loves alterum, but I don’t know if he’ll ever propose.”

“Ashlee has without exception been the more distinctive, more prosaic of the two sisters,” the conventioneer tells OK!. “And Ashlee knows how much her sister wants as far as be there married and spend a baby of her own. But equivalently stupendous as classy is, he is not the marrying kind–probably not as long as years.”

From OK! Magazine

I buy amplifier respecting this diary. I’ve long maintained that Tony fealty yes indeed affinity Jessica, because if didn’t, he would have dumped her a long time ago. But I also buy that he’s dollars to doughnuts not the quintessential, most attentive boyfriend, and that masculine might make Jessica attend on a lot longer for a change ringing. If Jessica wants so as to hang alive in preparation for a while and respite it deviational, it might nothing else but come through, ourselves never see. She seems to really love him, so I treat with reserve she will stick it at fault until Tony either proposes ochery breaks extension with her. If all else fails, female being could try to get pregnant. It might have place the fastest piloting in transit to get Tony down the aisle. Just kidding! (Or maybe I’m not.)

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are shown out on 2/13/09. whip hand: VILA/ANDERSON/bauergriffinonline.com


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