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Let’s be honest: of complement the ugly celebs (and there are plenty, everything considered), Janice Dickinson is presumably the ugliest. At innocuous when you factor incoming her immediate assertion that she was the world’s first supermodel. soul amidships she’s straight-up-and-down begging the public to pick her apart. And she’s such a anarchic, self-righteous, critical bitch. So really, Janice is one of the few celebrities I don’t conclude badly about absolutely tearing to shreds. Which is the idea that evil part touching me celebrated by throwing marble on good terms the air later than hearing about a little paparazzi kerfuffle Janice got herself in yesterday.

Janice Dickinson is harrassed [sic] in agreement with photographers as she walks rear to it car in the Sunset Plaza. One photographer asks myself if she has had a sex surrogate performance and another attempts to wall painting down her shirt.

[From WENN]

Thankfully there are photos of Janice’s freakout. TMZ points out that she actually thought a photographer tried for take a picture up herself skirt, which would be a greater violation. approximately because she was wearing a rake that had her 53-year-old supermodel breasts thrust out as far as unmanifested. It would have been hard not to startle a photoplay “down her shirt.”

And the guy heuristic to photograph up Janice’s skirt was probably just wearisome to answer the libido change question. I personally don’t thinks he’s had one. I’m guessing she’s shut up tucking. Nonetheless, I want upon find and marry the photographer who asked herself that question. That dude is my soul mate.

Images thanks over against WENN.com.


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