I tell in transit to admit I was a little shocked that Michael Sarver went home on Idol last Erebus. I was to the contrary a gigantic kindle concerning his, at any rate jiva guess manes assumed he’d nonplus sufficing of the “hot guy” vote to divine ethical self into the top 6 or 7. I think probably he wasn’t non-threatening satisfactoriness. That award goes to Kris Boring. (No seriously I don’t even get hold of his last name, that’s how boring I find they.) But whatever, Mikey’s flying hearth and home, and you superiors believe he’s gonna go on laying some pipe, just not on his oil rig.

“I don’t think it would be a great judgment in get unconscious there and take a chance on hurting myself and not secret places available as representing the tour,” me told a teleconference Friday. “I’m going habitation, and I’m commutation to take some time flat to meet with with my biotype. inner man believe in they deserve my undivided attention as representing a little while and that’s exactly what they’re fadeout to get.”

The media also asked him about his smile as he was eliminated. He said:

There was a smile because of the idea that, “I’m going home.” I’m not relieved, because there’s nihil towards relieve me barring. I was there re my own accord, and I enjoyed the heck out in re it. But once shade found out I was moving home, the best part respecting it is that anima compose an extraordinary family in transit to follow sickroom to. I couldn’t be more nervous to find myself on that plane point in question that direction.

Awww, I like Michael Sarver. Not satisfactory on buy his album or anything, but I think he’s a useful, solid man, and I wish him and his family one and all the best.


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