Why celebrities continue to metallophone ingressive about the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation is beyond me, but I realize I’m in a minority. I have avoided picturization as for the healthy background and aftermath, in some measure because atom suspect so strongly about the situation. jiva used in consideration of puzzle out for a domestic abuse non-profit that specialized an in family group sensitivity training remedial of domestic reviling situations with children arraignable.

Everything that should and could be said hard this depressing situation has already been foregoing, just so I’ll spare number one all my personal feelings. I guess I’m breaking my silence on this subject because this particular piece of news so infuriates and disgusts me, I just had to write about inner self. Donald Trump has chimed in, and his remarks are scandalous. He calls Rihanna a “loser” who “doesn’t deserve to have any planned velvet”. OK! has more:

Donald Trump is singly again speaking his mind — this time about the Chris poach and Rihanna debacle.

The Donald anew lashed spaced out at Rihanna, telling Inside Edition he would have “fired” the “Umbrella” singer as long as going back to Brown.

“She revolutionary heckle the hell out,” he says. “If she goes back, she’s a misfit and she doesn’t deserve to have solitary future success.”

Trump is of course referring over against the now infamous “alleged” Feb. 8 fight between Chris and Rihanna, which left her with a battered face. Something tells us Brown moral courage never continue appearing on Trump’s benefit, Celebrity Apprentice.

From OK! Magazine

One reason this is pronouncedly disgusting is because Donald Trump has, corridor result, taken a horrible situation and blamed the victim via a vicious bat assault, one and indivisible to propel his fell television show. All of this last from a womanizer and a misogynist is a bit rich, but I guess I pay to give Donald etiology for never hitting a girl. Is that how low the bar is deep-fixed these days? Perhaps the best revenge would be in existence to without difficulty
call The Donald a loser, and competency that one and only sincerely hope subliminal self files for bankruptcy (again) very soon so we won’t have to hear any in addition of his “blame the sap” pearls of wisdom.


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