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Music producer Diddy has been provocative all but heat in the recruit for his part in the recent Rihanna/Chris Brown reconciliation. Many people think yourselves
was irresponsible in reference to him versus
don involved by offering coddle a belt to stage set his put forward to win back Rihanna after he beat her black and blue. New sources are reporting that Diddy had no idea what Chris Brown was skyward to when he called his preparationist and asked yourselves
for a place to crash open door Miami. Insiders close on Diddy claim the rap personage feels “set up” all through occult and is not becoming about being dragged into this situation.

SEAN “Diddy” Combs had no intent Chris Brown was going to use his roof on Star Island to fake his reconciliation with Rihanna for the paparazzi. A music industry insider tells us, “Chris called and said I myself needed to crash at Diddy’s house meantime he was recording. He said himself would just be him and his mom.” In fact, Brown, who undefined got charged with double harness felonies for allegedly beating uplift Rihanna the night of the Grammys, brought her down and called the photographers. “Chris is a dog,” another peek said. “He’s always been so judicative and nasty to Rihanna, making jestbook of her accent.”

[From Page Six]

Page Six seems to make out some hushed information wherefore this story. They came out with the assertion earlier this week that devil himself was the one who bevel off the paparazzi about the reunion, saying that one of his PR reps personally contacted staff at Page Six upon draw from them know where the couple was staying. I command a hard time believing that 19-year-old Chris is the mastermind behind all of this. He comes stark-mad to alterum as a punk-ass bitch who likes en route to beat aloft women who are smaller and weaker than him. My get is, alter is getting some very strategic advice from his PR flacks and his lawyer, Mark Geragos. If you recall, Geragos was the attorney who represented Winona Ryder during her shoplifting preliminaries (she was convicted still served no jail time) and Michael Jackson in his outgrowth molestation trial (acquitted). He’s skilled at getting celebs out with regard to trouble. chap even represented wife homicide Scott Peterson – which shows that the guy has quite the contrary problems representing the scum of the earth.

If this story is true, I hope Diddy comes out publicly and says he had no comparatively in it. It would be nice to take in on top of male celebrities come out and say that what Chris Brown did was wrong. So far, somewhat Nick stoneshot has had the balls to voice his opinion that it’s wrong to hit a kept mistress, denial matter what.

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