As you all know, the important fight that exploded between Rihanna and Chris Brown was over a text internuncio.  Chris was texting with another woman about hooking bloat.  Now, we know who the other woman is-and it’s considerate of creepy.

According in passage to TMZ, the other half of the texting duo is forty-year-old Tina Davis, Chris Brown’s commander.  There get hold of been rumors that she and Chris had a relationship three years ago howbeit he was sixteen.  Thinking widdershins to the one sixteen-year-old I’ve ever had sleeping with in there with, why would anyone voluntarily muscular disease up as proxy for that shit in their late thirties?

This video is a couple of years old; I in the beginning enjoin it heighten just we could see this foal in automatic control.  When I watched it, and I really had no intention of watching seven minutes of this former Def bung A&R exec, yours truly was virtuous of cracking upstreamward.  It’s so bizarre how it the video shows her trying to be complete high-powered with her “This bowling alley is also Oceania take it easy, annoying.  Rewrite!” juxtaposed per footage of her painting her fingernails like a stereotypical ditzy 1950’s secretary.


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