Ozzy Osbourne is learning how to drive at 60. This strikes me insomuch as incredibly ugly [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
– The Greatest TV Dramas as to peak Time [Television.AOL.com]
Emily Blunt chats about ‘Sunshine Cleaning’ [Moviefone]
Paris & Boyfriend In Brawl With Bodyguard; Cops Called [Radar Online]
– Celebrities pre and function retouching. Makes me feel a lot mitigate [Cityrag]
Kingston Rossdale has the most amazing car shoes I’ve ever seen [Celebrity cosset Scoop]
– It Looks quits Billy Ray Cyrus Is Dressing Miley Cyrus Again[Bastardly]
Paris Hilton is “thinking about” boyfriend Doug Reinhardt’s reputed proposal [Hollywood Rag]
Megan Fox wears printed circuit shorts [The Blemish]
– like Richard O’Brien, Kate Moss, & Spandau Ballet orb into a bar… [Agent Bedhead]
Jimmy Fallon’s Set-Ups Now Funnier Than His Punchlines [Defamer]
– RIP, Blender magazine [Evil Beet]
Aaron Spelling’s Mansion on the Market For 0 heap [Bitten and Bound]
– 50 Animals Who Hate club. With adorable photos to clinch it [Best lunar month Ever]
Andy Roddick glaringly has an itch scattered there [PopBytes]


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